Principle and maintenance of gas pulsation


As is known to all, the pulsator in a complete system of milking machine is a very important part, its effect is good or bad, which directly affects the performance of the milking machine. Now, want to be a part of the cow village user use milking machine, most of the pulsator is pneumatic double pulsator, referred to as "the gas pulsation, the gas pulsation damping and ventilation is divided into two types, but they are the basic principles of similar, is through the air throttle to delay the change of air pressure, to adjust the action of the pulse frequency. The common faults of gas pulsation in actual use are as follows:

1. Pulsator does not pulse.

The main performance is the stop reciprocating movement of the slide valve without pulsating pressure output.

This kind of fault is common in cold winter in the north. Especially in the northeast winter, often using the environment temperature in Celsius below zero, especially before use in Celsius below zero, due to the environmental temperature is too low, the slider has been frozen on the slide, so when using pulse. In addition, under low temperature conditions, the rubber diaphragm is hard or crack is also the important cause of the pulsation. Method: after milking machine use should be placed more than 4 ~ 5 ℃, can also be pulsator break down in a warm place, when used to mount;

The pulsator with insert plate in the base is not inserted in place at the time of installation, or it can slip out due to vibration during the work, and it will also occur without pulsation. Troubleshooting: install in place;

The pulsator is filled with water, especially the bucket type milking machine. The pulsator is usually mounted on the lid of the bucket. When the user is cleaning the milking machine, the bucket cover is sometimes submerged in the water. The pulsator is not pulsating when it is filled with water in the ventilation room or throttling hole. Troubleshooting: remove the water after taking it apart.

2. Abnormal fluctuation frequency.

The pulsation frequency range of pulsator is clearly defined in the instruction manual of various milking machines. To keep the pulse frequency within the specified range is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the milking machine.

It is the main reason that the adjustment of the throttle orifice is the frequency variation of the gas damper. Excessive flow of throttling orifice leads to too fast pulse frequency; The oversize will cause the pulsation frequency to be slow, so as long as the throttling hole screw is properly adjusted, the range of pulsating frequency regulation can be adjusted.

For the ventilator, the adjustment screw is generally not set, and the orifice size is fixed. It is one of the main reasons for the change of pulsation frequency in the use of impurities to plug throttling holes. If the frequency of pulsation is found to be slow, use special tools to dredge the throttling orifice in time, but to prevent the expansion of the throttling hole during the dredging of the throttling orifice, it will cause the fluctuation frequency to become faster.

The water intake in the ventilation room will reduce the volume of the air changing room, and the fluctuation frequency will become faster.

The change of working vacuum also causes the fluctuation frequency of the pulsator to change. When the vacuum degree is reduced, the frequency of the gas damper will be slower, but the frequency of the air flow pulser will be relatively fast. On the contrary, when the vacuum degree increases, the frequency of the gas damper will be faster, and the frequency of the air flow pulser will be slower. Therefore, when adjusting the frequency of the pulsator, it must be carried out in normal working vacuum, otherwise the result of adjustment will be deviated;

A pulsator with a socket outlet.

If the socket is not inserted in place, a small amount of air leakage will be caused, and the pulse frequency will be slower. If the leakage is serious, there will be no pulsation.

The above understanding of some common faults and solutions in the use of gas pulsation, how can we better use the gas pulsation in normal times to avoid the above problems?

Maintaining the good working condition of the pulsator is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of the milking machine and prolong the service life.

Keep the pulsator clean and avoid using in dusty environment. Because the dust will increase the wear of the pulsator slider, it will also cause the throttle orifice of the ventilator to plug. All kinds of pulsator have air filter, should be cleaned regularly;

Do not store the milking machine under sub-zero temperatures. The pulsator is stored at low temperature, and it is easy to freeze and produce unpulsed failure, and the rubber membrane and plastic parts are also easily damaged.

Don't expose the pulsator in the sun. Sun exposure pulsator, easy to make rubber pieces and plastic parts aging, deformation, shorten the service life;

In general, the pneumatic dual pulsator only needs to clean the air filter, and does not need to open and clean frequently. Ventilation type pulsator do not soak in the water cleaning, gas damping type pulsator although the water will not cause the orifice and ventilation chamber into the water, but may cause a vacuum line into the water, which affect the normal operation milking machine.

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