Operation technology and precautions of milking machine

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Machine milking is one of the key technical measures to improve the quality and efficiency of milk products and reduce the labor intensity of workers. When milking machine to imitate calf suck the milk of physiological action, negative pressure generated by the vacuum pump, vacuum milking regulator control system of vacuum degree, pulsator produce milk and break beats, air set with holes into the collection of milk, from the collection of milk to make milk to milk duct.

1. Specific operating procedures.

(1) cleaning the milking machine. With 40 ℃ hot water washing before milking milking machine for 5 minutes, rinse clean the pipe, at the same time check whether system normal operation. (2) baoding of the cow. Use milking machine milking before a period of time (usually for a month), milking cows don't adapt to the milking machine, in the process of milking will panic, affect the milking operation, before milking cows baoding should be good. Baoding method: use a rope to tie a loose knot to cover the double Angle, then wrap a loose knot around the head of the cow, tie the cow to the railing, and fix it. (3) nipple medicine bath and drying. After fixing the cow, soak the four nipples for 3 minutes before milking, then dry. If he is not dry, milk cup in front of the inner tube closed air chamber pressure increases, the equivalent of milk cup, oppression nipple roots, cause milk to be difficult, nipple is congestion at the same time, cause nipple valgus, cause mastitis. (4) squeeze out the first three breasts. This can stimulate the lactation, make the nipples slightly open, also can check the health condition of the breast. If there is a mastitis, do not put on the milk cup, can be milked separately. The first three milks must be filled with special containers to reduce environmental pollution. (5) massage the breasts. In the first three to crowd out milk and cleaning after breast, nipples and breast not full, tight, that have not yet fully formed reflex, it must continue to massage the breast, until the row of reflex fully formed. In nipple and breast skin has a lot of pressure and tactile sensor, the massage form of transmission to the brain, nerve excitement oxytocin secreted by the pituitary gland, with blood circulation effect to the mammary gland bubble around inside the breast muscle cells, shrink the extrusion of mammary gland bubble, to pass through the lactiferous ducts into the breast milk pool.

1. The problem of attention after the machine.

1·2·1 milk cup milking should be put on the milk cup as soon as the milk is reflected, otherwise the milk will be relieved or interrupted from the breast milk. Oxytocin usually lasts between 7 and 8 minutes, and if the milk cup is not in time, it shortens the time it takes to pump the milk, and the amount of milk left in the breast is high. Therefore, it is generally required to set the milk cup within 1 minute after milking, since the concentration of oxytocin in the blood has reached its peak. The order of the milk cup is: the milk from the left side of the left hand side begins to turn clockwise the cup, which is convenient and safe. Each milk cup must be set in a sliding manner and should be minimized as far as possible. The pressure of the milking machine should be set at 49·1~50·8 kPa, and the frequency of the pulsator per minute.

Clock 60~70 times, not too high or too low.

1·2·2 check the flow rate of milk in each breast area. If there is a milk area that does not flow milk, the milk cup should be removed to stimulate the milk area to be rearranged and start milking.

1. 3. Problems to be noted after milking.

1, 3, 1 right after removing the milk cup milk, you should turn off the vacuum valve, then remove the milk cup, avoid to use milking machine to squeeze dry milk, thereby increasing stress of the breast tissue and air into the milk cup, increasing the likelihood of mastitis happened.

1·3·2 nipple bath after milking, the nipple should be immediately sterilized with disinfectant. Disinfection should be completed as soon as possible, because inside a few seconds after milking, the pipe nipple is open, after medicated bath disinfectants will enter an open pipe nipple, still can make the disinfection is attached on the nipple, forming a layer of protective film, can significantly reduce the occurrence of mastitis. Nipples can be treated with 3% sodium hypochlorite or 0 % new jal or 0 % peroxyacetic acid.

1·3·3. After the milk is milked, the milk level of the milk will be recorded in a high degree, so as to calculate the amount of milk produced on the same day. The milk is then returned to the milk bucket or the specialized milk container. Be careful when operating, because the milk in the back of the milk is very strong, if the hand is unstable and easy to flush the milk bucket. At the same time, when the milk tube is transferred from one barrel to the other, be careful to avoid unnecessary waste and contamination on the ground.

After cleaning the milking machine, the milking machine should be thoroughly cleaned so as not to contaminate the milk. The cleaning of the milking machine must be made of special detergent (such as pc-a, pc-b detergent). Pc-a and pc-b can be used in rotation. After cleaning the pipe with pc-b for 3 times, the PC-A will be cleaned once again, and then used alternately, and then washed with water. Cleaning procedure: first with 40 ~ 50 ℃ water washing to remove residual milk, and then clean with 70 ~ 75 ℃ detergent solution cycle, with 90 ℃ water, finally ruled out until the pipe water to neutral.

2 precautions

2, 1 milkman training qualified rear can mount guard at ordinary times should pay attention to health, work clothes often should change and regular disinfection, long fingernails short and smooth, in the process of operation to at any time with sterilized wet wipe clean hands. Be equipped with the professional personnel who are familiar with the milking machine to manage, repair and maintain the milking machine.

2. 2. 2. The vacuum rate of the milk is too high, which makes the sphincter of the nipple be damaged and the opening is hard. The vacuum rate is too low, which will lower the milking speed and the milk cup will fall off easily. Therefore, the vacuum pressure of the high pipe milker should be kept at 49·1~50·8 kPa.

2·3 the frequency of pulsation frequency of the pulsator is too high to injure the sphincter of the nipple and the bacteria can easily penetrate the nipples; The frequency is too low easy to make the nipples congested, induces the mastitis. The normal fluctuation frequency is 60~70 times per minute. The pulse frequency should be tested once a week to keep the frequency stable.

2·4 pay attention to the safe encounter with the untractable cow, take care when putting on the milk cup, so that the cow can't kick or kick the milk cup. A rope can be used to hold the cow's hind legs; Also use the left hand to try to gently massage the breast, when the cow is distracted, quickly put the milk cup. It is best to adopt the second method, and after a period of time, the cow will naturally be tamed. In the process of operation, be careful to drive and treat the cow, can not use the whip, kick.

2·5. When the milk cup is stimulated, the breast should be rubbed with the hand first, and then the milk cup should be set after the cow is prepared. Especially in the cold winter, if the milk cup is suddenly set, the cold milk cup will stimulate the breast and affect the mother steak. The milk liner on the milk cup is the only part of the milker's direct contact with the nipple. The hygiene of the milk line directly affects the health of the cow and the quality of milk, so it should be disinfected frequently, preferably one time a day.

2·6. If the milk cup is shed on the floor during the health milking process, thoroughly clean the contents of the milk cup and then cover it, so as not to contaminate the nipple and milk.

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